Preschoolers Catholic Bible Activities Ages 4-7

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By Andrew Newton and illustrated by Sandrine L'Amour

This Bible activity book introduces preschoolers and kindergarteners to 17 beloved Bible stories accompanied by more than 100 fun yet challenging activities. Some activities even come with stickers! This activity book also includes Bible references with every story for further reading with the child. 

Activities include...

  • Word searches
  • Puzzles
  • Crosswords
  • Stickers
  • And more!

Vibrant, imaginative illustrations bring each page to life. Following the Great Adventure Bible format, in accordance with Catholic theology and Church Doctrine, this activity book provides content that is authentically Catholic. By engaging with Bible stories while they play, children will love to learn and learn to love God’s glorious plan for salvation history. Bible Stories include...

  1. The Garden of Eden
  2. Saved From the Flood
  3. God Keeps His Promise
  4. Joseph Forgives his Brothers
  5. The Escape through the Sea
  6. A New Family for Ruth and Naomi
  7. David Trusts in God
  8. Fire from Heaven
  9. Jonah Runs from God
  10. The Birth of Jesus
  11. Jesus Calls His Disciples
  12. Jesus Calms the Storm
  13. Jesus Heals a Little Girl
  14. Jesus Loves Children
  15. Zacchaeus Meets Jesus
  16. Jesus Enters Jerusalem
  17. Jesus Dies and Rises Again 

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